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Everything starts with a healthy relationship. There are so many things people associate with food especially the feeling of guilt and shame. Guilt and shame are not useful emotions especially when it comes to eating.

It is ok to like what you like but just create a “budget” of when you are going to eat certain foods so you can enjoy both. Remember this is a lifestyle so you want to make sure you can keep up these habits for the long term.

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How to Fit Working Out in Your Busy Schedule

A few tips you can follow when it comes to fitting exercise into your daily schedule.

+ Start small with budgeting out 20-30 minutes per day more often than trying to do 2-3 hour workouts per day.

+ Have a plan when you are going into the gym. Don’t just show up and “wing it”

+ Focus on your technique and form as opposed to being obsessed with how many reps you are doing.

+ Keep your intensity high and rest shorter in between sets to keep your heart rate up.

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Self image and self worth are important if you are going to make progress in your fitness goals. If you would like a free workout download for today click this link http://eepurl.com/1DNYb